Full Boar BBQ Sauce (2016, 2nd Place)

Full Boar BBQ Sauce (2016, 2nd Place)

2016, 2nd Place – Condiments-Not Hot &Spicy > Meat Sauce

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Product Description

Year: 2016
Place: 2nd Place
Product Name: Full Boar BBQ Sauce
Category: Condiments-Not Hot &Spicy
Subcategory: Meat Sauce

Full Boar BBQ Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce has the flavors to tackle any meat. Slather it on your beef, chicken, pork and more, this sauce will deliver the perfect blend of sweet & heat. Fire up the grill or smoker and go Full Boar with your next meal.

Company Name: Full Boar BBQ, LLC
300 Cross St.
Manchester, MN 56007
Contact Person: Kyle Jensen
Phone: (507) 826-3357
Email: kjensen@jensenmanufacturing.com
Website: www.fullboarbbq.com


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